Education First (EF)
Regional Online and Social Media Marketing Campaigns
EF stands for Education First. Study abroad programs, cultural exchange and experiential learning and language training are what EF does. It does it big. Employing around 37,000 staffs and 500 offices in more than 50 countries, EF is effectively the world’s largest private education firm. As the company’s Asia presence continues to grow, so does the output of regional marketing activities. To meet this rising demand, Straight was appointed to assist in the creative strategy and copywriting for some of the firm’s major regional marketing push. 

The challenge is to create umbrella concepts and master copies in English for campaigns that will appeal to the Asian audience while emulating EF’s young, upbeat, go-getter, anything-is-possible culture. From overall themes and slogans, posters, mini-websites, edms to facebook ads, posts and blogs, each campaign entails developing a wide range of deliverables.