K11 Art Foundation
Art Event Communications
Essentially a collection of shopping-malls-cum-public-art-spaces, K11 seeks to break the mold for shopping centers in China by combining retail therapy with art displays and exhibitions. The ultimate aim of the foundation, the non-profit arm of the K11 malls, is to provide a sustainable springboard for nurturing emerging Chinese artists, and to promote art to a broad audience, right in the heart of big Chinese cities.

Beyond regular shows and events done on the grounds of the malls, the foundation also organizes a bunch of national and international exhibitions to push Chinese art under its name, resulting in a hefty call for marketing activities. In 2013, K11 began appointing Straight as a regular partner to fulfill copywriting and editing needs – in both English and Chinese – for some of its larger-scale art campaigns, and we have since collaborated happily on more than 5 projects.